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How architects are searching for solutions to address the rising sea water level. I would love to do work like this!

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Hood Canal

I went with my family to Hood Canal this weekend and I could not believe how gorgeous the mountains were! I don’t think I’ve ever been there when they still had snow on them. 

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I edited some of my favourite photos from my trip to Paris last Summer. 

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Photo Editing

I’ve been practicing my photoshop skills, and here are the end products!

My sister in gum alley in Seattle’s Pike Place Market:

KaylaWayla at my ocean cabin:

A picture I took with my iPhone while I was driving through the mountains:

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Store Design Competition Results

It makes me so excited to see all the creativity that has gone into the design of every store in the mall! Here are all the designs, with the winner announced at the end. 

(Warning: some language may not be appropriate for sensitive readers.)

Julius’ store:

Bonus Painterly texture pic:

Kevin’s Warehouse and Emporium:

Bonus Pic: Kevin building his store:

Kayla’s David Blaine Spell Shoppe:

Keith’s Knicks & Knacks:

Bonus Pic: Keith in his store with painterly texture pack:

Stassi’s Store:

Julia’s Bookstore:

Matia and Kenneth’s Store:

Quinn’s Taste of Nature:

And the winner of the store design competition and 100 Vespene is….




His store is both aesthetically pleasing, functional, and utilizes the space well and creatively. Congratulations, Keith!

Thank you to all the participants for your amazing stores. May your stores make you rich!

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